Why should you be interested in Fuerteventura Airport car hire?

Fuerteventura is one of the most beautiful Canary Islands and certainly one of the most visited. Pristine beaches, endemic animals, spectacular cliffs, and unique dunes make Fuerteventura one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Atlantic and perhaps the most affordable exotic destination available to European tourists. But Fuerteventura is the second largest island in the Canary Archipelago, and although it has a well-developed public transport network, it’s the kind of place that should be explored at your own pace. Therefore, an excellent option for all tourists who want to enjoy a holiday at their leisure is to look into Fuerteventura airport car hire.

Why do this? One word: Convenience. The car rental booths at Fuerteventura airport can help you find any vehicle you want, whether you’re interested in a small and economical car or a 4×4 to drive all over the island, Fuerteventura airport car hire can be the ideal option for your family if you want to visit some of the most spectacular scenery in the Atlantic and drive on some of the most spectacular roads in the Canary Islands. But what exactly are these routes, and how can you spend your precious free time on this island? We propose finding the answer to these questions in the following pages.

Why should you be interested in Fuerteventura Airport car hire?

Where Should You Go? 

Fuerteventura is the second most populated island in the Canary Islands Archipelago, and before the COVID-19 pandemic, more than two million people visited its shores annually. All this influx of tourists has made it necessary to build a complex network of well-maintained roads that can take tourists to the island’s most popular destinations. The main road, which is used by the majority of first-time visitors to Fuerteventura, is the FV-1, which connects the northern and southern extremities of the island and crosses the East coast, offering some of the most spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean in the Northern hemisphere, and passing right through the middle of the famous Corralejo national park.

After asking all relevant questions at the Fuerteventura airport car hire, you should visit the historical capital of the region, Betancuria. To get there, you will have to follow the newly renovated FV-10 road that connects to the current capital of Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario, and passes through the winding paths of Valle de Sana Ines, one of the most beautiful valleys of the Canary Islands, which can offer a spectacular view of the entire region. But when you use Fuerteventura Airport car hire, you are probably more interested in enjoying the journey than the destination. Roads like FV-605 or FV-416 can bring you into the midst of some of the wildest and most spectacular scenery in the Canary Islands and provide the perfect scenic route to end your day.

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Visit the Most Beautiful Small Towns

Why should you be interested in Fuerteventura Airport car hire?

Most tourists visiting Fuerteventura focus on Puerto del Rosario or Betancuria, the old capital. But Fuerteventura is a place full of surprises and small towns straight out of postcards that you could explore at your leisure. First of all, north of Fuerteventura airport, you could visit the sleepy village of La Oliva, known for its historic buildings typical of Spanish architecture and its proximity to the famous dunes of Corralejo National Park. Alternatively, to see a typical Canarian landscape, you should head to Tuineje, a small but charming town located a few minutes’ drive west of Betancuria.

Are you instead more interested in relaxing at the beach after a long flight? Then it would be best to head to Costa Calma, which, as the name suggests, offers one of the most relaxing yet spectacular beaches in the south of Fuerteventura. In addition, Costa Calma is quite a famous town among foreign tourists, so here you’ll have no problem finding quality snacks or souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

Last but not least, any visit to Fuerteventura should be completed with a trip to Gran Tarajal. After you complete your Fuerteventura car hire formalities, you can follow the FV-2 or FV-20 road for thirty-five minutes until you reach this small but quaint town in the southeast of the island. Gran Tarajal is known for its picturesque harbor, and its cozy vibe is complemented by many cafes and ice cream shops that can relax you after a long day at the beach.

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Do Not Forget the Capital 

Like most tourists arriving in Fuerteventura, you will most likely choose to stay in Puerto del Rosario. This is a reasonably large town, with a population that exceeds 35,000 people, while offering a vibrant atmosphere for any traveler. What could you do here? First of all, you can check into one of the countless four and five-star hotels that can be found in the capital of Fuerteventura. Then, after a short rest, you could attend local cultural events. From open-air concerts to art exhibitions, Puerto del Rosario is a city of art and is the place in the Canary Islands where you can best feel the essence of Spanish culture.

But perhaps all these events have made you hungry. Then you’re in luck, as Fuerteventura is a veritable gastronomic capital of the Canary Islands. With your family, you could pop into one of Puerto del Rosario’s countless famous restaurants and try traditional local dishes such as Papas Arrugadas, Caldereta de Cabrilla, or grilled fish accompanied by a spicy Gofio sauce. Do you want to relax a little? Then you could head to the historic center and check out the colorful murals that make this a typical Canarian town.

Make the Most of Your Holiday 

Why should you be interested in Fuerteventura Airport car hire?

It would be best to use Fuerteventura airport car hire, as this is the most convenient way to visit the island easily. Fuerteventura is not gigantic, but it is still big enough to require a private car in order to be explored in a relaxing manner. From the fine sand of Playa Chica to the historic buildings of Betancuria, Fuerteventura has something for everyone and is one of the most beautiful islands in the Atlantic Ocean in which to enjoy your free time with your family.

Fuerteventura could be a place to relax in the sun while everyday worries become a distant memory, or it could be a place to ride the Atlantic waves in a manner that reminds you of long-gone years. You can take in idyllic scenery you’ll never see anywhere else or shop for loved ones back home. Fuerteventura is the kind of place that caters to the desires of any tourist, and it’s a destination that makes its mark on anyone who wants to step foot on its doorstep.

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