U.S. Embassy : France raises its security alert system to the highest level

In light of the terror attack that claimed the lives of at least 137 people in Russia Friday, France had to elevate its “Vigipirate” terror status to “Attack Emergency Level,” Prime Minister Gabriel Attal reported on X.

The Vigipirate is a three-tier safety system created in France in 1978. It consists of: “vigilance,” “heightened security/risk of attack,” and “attack emergency” levels.

The country decided to increase its security alert to the highest level possible in order to be able to mobilize monetary sources and quickly diffuse information to protect citizens if a crisis breaks out.

With this alert, France is allowed to display armed troops to patrol public places such as airports, public transport, shopping facilities, educational institutions, and sports, tourist and religious venues.

One of the reasons that triggered the government to raise its security alert is related to safety concerns regarding the Olympic and Paralympic Games that will take place in Paris and other cities this summer.

Everything suggests that the threat is real – According to the national news channel France 24, high school students from more than 30 institutions received threatening emails through the Pronote software used by the Ministry of Education.

These emails state that schools in the country’s north will be soon attacked. They also contained “shocking” videos of beheadings, confirmed the minister Thursday.

The “Islamic State in Khorasan,” which is believed to be responsible for the terrorist attack in Russia, has perpetrated other attacks in Germany and France in recent times and is currently threatening France, Prime Minister Attal has stated, according to Reuters.

US Embassy and Consulates in France Recommendations

U.S. Embassy : France raises its security alert system to the highest level

Concerned about the safety of its nations, the US Embassy has issued a series of recommendations for Americans to be safe in case of emergency when visiting France.

Americans are encouraged to:

  • Register in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive last-minute information about the situation in France and make it easy to locate you in case of need.
  • Refrain from taking part in demonstrations and leave zones with an increased police presence at once.
  • Keep yourself informed about recent news and social media activity.
  • Avoid drawing too much attention to yourself.
  • Keep your family members and friends posted about your whereabouts.
  • In case you notice something suspicious, please contact local authorities at 17 or 112.

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