Happy customers love to share their experience, but sometimes they need some encouragement to do so. The cool thing is, once they do, they become..


Happy customers love to share their experience, but sometimes they need some encouragement to do so. The cool thing is, once they do, they become even more loyal to your brand.

So, at this stage of the Customer Value Journey, ask people to share their positive experience with your brand by writing a review or sharing a social media post.

Once you get to stage seven, the Customer Value Journey is going to get a whole lot easier for you. This stage is all about learning your customer’s experience, and building up your testimonial database.

The most important part of this step is asking these four questions.

What Was Your Life Like Before Finding Our Solutions? What Challenges Were You Facing That Caused You to Consider Us?

These questions are great not only because it gives you some really good stories, but because it gives you some insight on how you can provide similar prospects with that AHA moment. Understanding the average day of your clients is important in reflecting on your Customer Value Journey, and helps you understand what really set you apart from your competitors.

What Key Features Had the Biggest and/or Fastest Impact?

Not only is this going to get you to really specific stories, you will understand the specific things you provided that gave the biggest impact. The answers to these questions will not only give you great insight and testimonials, it will provide you with ideas for new lead magnets. This part is a new Entry Point Offer goldmine!

What Has Been the Impact or Results in Your Life or Business Since Using Our Product or Service?

This is a fairly broad question, and that’s why we put it after the others. You will have already gotten all of the specifics out of the way with #1 & #2. But when you ask this question, this is where you get the most valuable stories. You can use this part as testimonials, as an order form, as a sales page, this part is testimonial gold.

If You Were Asked to Justify this Purchase to Your Boss or a Friend, What Would You Say?

This is our favorite question by far. If you had to go back in time and justify this purchase, what would you say? I promise you what we’re going to find is a lot of great ideas for the jobs that your product or service has done. You’ll get a lot of great ideas for your core message canvas. This question is about backfilling all of the assets that you may not have. Here you’re going directly to the customer who are already happy, and using their justifications to help you sell to new customers.

Hopefully you now understand just how valuable the Advocate stage could be, as well as the key questions you need to ask to get your customers talking. Here’s how it works for our example companies.

When it comes to fashion we all love to show off our outfits. So a good example for Hazel & Hems would be to have customers write reviews for a discount code or points towards their next purchase.

Better yet, follow up with the customers to ask them to share and tag themselves wearing the items in a social media post and providing them with something valuable as a reward.

For Cyrus & Clark Media, hopping on zoom meetings or a streaming service for live talks about them and their business could generate valuable awareness for them, and a live case study for the agency. They can use the questions Ryan provided during this lesson to conduct the interview.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of an entrepreneurial mindset?

Entrepreneurship offers many benefits. You become more independent. You can no longer depend on others.

This makes you independent and free to pursue your dreams. It helps you make connections with other entrepreneurs who share similar interests and challenges.

You gain confidence. You learn new things as an entrepreneur. This gives you the ability and flexibility to change quickly. By thinking outside the box, you will not be trapped in a rut.

All entrepreneurs are free to start their own businesses. We no longer have to follow the rules and regulations set out by society. We have the freedom to decide what and how to live our lives.

You have the option to choose to go against the flow or follow the crowd. We have the option to choose success or failure. We can choose to fail or win.

It's exhilarating to have freedom. It comes with a fair amount of responsibility. Because once you step into this role, you're accountable for everything that happens within your business.

You must be able to take risks if you want success. Try new things. If you are willing and able to learn from your failures, you will eventually reach your goals.

So, keep these lessons in mind when starting your journey.


  • Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle choice.
  • If you own your own business, then you're the boss.
  • Be cautious about following the trends.
  • The measure of success is not money, but freedom.
  • Your personal and professional lives must be balanced.
  • Set clear expectations.
  • Always be truthful with your team.
  • Be persistent if it's your desire for something to happen.

How can you motivate yourself to be an entrepreneur?

Find someone to motivate you. Find someone who is working hard towards his goals and ask him how he did it.

Ask for help, listen, learn, and most importantly, keep it coming. Admire someone who is successful.

To be that person, do everything you can. Take their advice. Take their lead. Follow their example.

But above all keep pushing forward. Keep moving. Never stop learning. Never give up.

Don't listen to anyone who tells you you are incapable. Never let anyone tell or suggest that there's no path.

Even though you may fail, that doesn't make it any less valuable. Failure is an opportunity that can help you grow. To find out more. To push harder.

Failure is just another step in the journey to success.

So go ahead and get started. Do something today that will get you closer to your goal.

What are you waiting to do?

What motivates entrepreneurs?

Passion drives us. However, our passion drives us to do meaningful work that makes a positive difference. To make a significant difference in our lives and the lives of those we love.

To give back. To help others. To leave behind a legacy.

We love it. Because we feel compelled to live life fully and experience success in ways that matter.

We are driven primarily by a sense that purpose and mission is important. It cannot be achieved solely through money.

Finding a way to mix business and pleasure is the key. This is when entrepreneurship is more than a job.

This is why I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs become successful. My goal is to help them achieve financial freedom, and leave a lasting impression on the world.

My life is proof that creating value is the best thing. And sharing your knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world.

It is not enough to create a great product. First, you must understand your customers. They want what they need.

This will ensure that you always improve your offering. You will always be able to provide more value.

Offering more value will result in more customers. If you have more customers, you can sell more products. And if you sell more products and services, you will generate more revenue. And if you generate more revenue, you will eventually become financially independent.

Money is not everything. It's a means to an ends. It's not the goal in and of itself.

So, if you truly want to live a rich life, you cannot focus only on money. You must also focus on making a positive impact. Contributing. Leave a lasting legacy. Making something of value. Unique. A unique thing that gives meaning to your and others lives.

Entrepreneurship requires risk-taking. However, this does not mean you should have any rules. It's about being flexible. Adapting. Adjusting. Improving.

If you're true to yourself and hold onto your values and integrity, you will not fail.

Entrepreneurship is a calling. A vocation. A chance to make a difference. To create wealth. To shape history.

These are the things that will make you the best version you can be.

You won't be stopped.

What keeps an entrepreneur motivated?

My greatest motivator is freedom. We live in a world that limits how much we can earn, save money, invest and buy, as well as our ability to borrow, rent, drive or fly. We are not subject to these limitations. We are free to pursue our dreams and make them come true.

But we cannot let ourselves become enslaved by these limitations. We lose sight of the fact we are in control of our destiny if we do. We are the captains and crew of our ships. We are the architects and creators of our lives.

I am driven by the desire for wealth that is beyond my wildest dreams. To create businesses that surpass the limits of human potential. To create businesses that transform the lives of people forever.

To create more powerful businesses than any government, more influential than any religion, and more enduring than time itself.

That's what keeps me here. Entrepreneurs need to grow faster than others. That's why I work hard. Because everyone wins when you win.

What are the five essential factors of motivation for entrepreneurs?

Motivation is key for success. Without it, nothing would happen. It is the only thing that would make us exist.

Motivational psychology is the study of how humans behave when motivated. When we are motivated, we can achieve amazing feats. It is also evident that our motivation is limited.

These are the five most motivating factors:

  1. Autonomy - The freedom to choose
  2. Mastery – The ability to master your skills
  3. Purpose is the feeling of purpose
  4. The feeling of belonging - relatedness
  5. Reciprocity is the willingness to give back

These motivators might seem to be applicable to your business. However, each one offers a slightly different perspective of why people act the way they do.

One person might desire autonomy in order to live the life he chooses. Or perhaps he seeks mastery because he wants to become more skilled at his job.

You could go on. These are only a few examples of motivations. There are many more. There are many others. But which ones are most relevant to your specific situation? This is entirely up to you.

I would recommend writing down three words that describe your ideal job environment to help you determine this. Take those words and adapt them to your current workplace conditions.

If you struggle to come up with ideas, simply ask yourself why are you doing this. You will find your goals when you know the answer.

Once you understand what you want, then you can figure out where your current position is. And that knowledge can help you determine whether or not you should make changes.

If you don’t wish to change anything, then it’s time to consider your options.

However, if you are looking to make positive changes in your life, you will need to begin thinking about how to motivate yourself.

Which of these motivators is most effective? It's hard for us to say. Instead of focusing on one factor, try focusing on all five.

These will assist you in achieving your ultimate goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

Which is your most motivating thing in life?

So you're curious about my best motivation in life? Let me tell, you. I find the greatest motivation in life to make people feel good about themselves. To help them see that they are extraordinary, because they are. That they are worthy of love, because they are.

They are worthy of happiness.

It is important to feel great about yourself. Nothing. I'm willing to do whatever it takes for our world to be better.

Because when we feel good about ourselves, we become more open minded and compassionate towards those around us. You stop judging people based only on their superficiality. Instead of judging them, you start to see the person within. This is really cool.

The most powerful way to motivate someone is to show them that they already have everything they need within themselves.

They may not have realized it yet, but that's why they've been struggling with something for so long. Because deep down inside they knew they had the power to heal themselves.

All they required was the right environment, the correct support system, and a positive mindset. They somehow forgot that.

Why did they lose sight of it? They were too busy trying solve the problem. They tried to fix it as fast as possible, not realizing they had all the tools necessary to do so.

They forgot to realize that they didn't know the solution.

You have the power to create a new reality. To tap into your inner genius, all you need is to learn.

And once you do that, everything will fall into place. You will be amazed at how simple it is to achieve your dreams.

You see, I believe everyone has access to their own unique superpower.

It is up to us to master its use.


  • “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” (
  • I shifted my motivational point from something huge (and undefined) to improve by just 1% each day. (
  • According to analysts, Johnson has high appeal in all four quadrants tracked at the multiplex: male, female, over-25 and under-25. (
  • “Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know. (
  • “If you look to lead, invest at least 40% of your time managing yourself – your ethics, character, principles, purpose, motivation, and conduct. (

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How To

There are 10 methods to motivate employees

Motivating your employees is one of the most difficult things you'll ever do. It requires patience, perseverance. sacrifices, and effort. You must understand how to motivate people and make them want to work hard.

It is impossible to motivate someone if they don't know why. If you don't know why someone wants to do something, you won't be able to help them. This article will show you how to motivate your employee through different methods.

1. You can motivate employees by making them feel important. This feeling will make them feel valued and special. They should believe that they are doing an excellent job and that their efforts are valued.

2. Give Them Recognition -People like recognition. The more recognition they receive, the happier they will be. Recognize your employees from time to again if you want them to be motivated.

3. Show Them Respect -Respect is an important part of any relationship. Respecting another person is essential to motivating them. Respecting others means you show your appreciation for them.

4. Open Communication with Your Employees - Openness is a great way for people to feel motivated. Sharing information with employees encourages them to learn new things. Learners feel proud and happy when they are learning new things.

5. Reward good work - When you reward someone for their hard work, it encourages them to do more. However, it is important to verify that they did a good work before you reward them.

6. Setting clear goals - Giving your employees something to strive for will help them be more motivated. Giving them a goal also makes them better workers.

7. Tell Your Employees What's Up - You may feel that telling your employees all about the company's plans and objectives would waste their time. It can motivate them, however. The company's plans will help them determine what their next focus should be.

8. Give Feedback - Feedback can be a great way for employees to feel better. Even though giving feedback takes some time, it's worth it.

9. It's important to let your employees know who their bosses is. This will help motivate them. You will make sure they are well-informed and know where they can go to get help.

10. Ask For Help - Finally, asking for help is yet another way to motivate your employees. Asking them for help lets them know they can count on you. They trust you because they know you care.

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